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The best of both worlds: Sacha's fast-paced, fulfilling life

Sacha Pou doesn't like sitting still; she thrives in the dynamic, fast-paced environment of our call centre (known as 'The Hub' at Southport). In her role as Client Communication Officer, she handles over 100 calls a day - moving quickly to ensure every customer's needs are met. She also coaches new recruits, supporting them to learn the ropes and increase their confidence and skills. If that doesn't sound like enough pace, Sacha's also a mum - to two kids under two years old! We're proud to introduce Sacha - the juggler in a league of her own.

Seeking a different path

Sacha began laying the foundations for a career while in high school, completing a Certificate II in Hairdressing. But upon graduation in 2012, she decided to take a different path. She completed a diploma of tourism the following year, but felt it wasn't the right fit either. Everything started falling into place when she saw an advertisement for a receptionist role at Frizelle Sunshine.

"I knew I wanted to get into admin, so I was pleased to join the team here! I started off taking calls, before progressing into taking service appointments. I felt that admin was a great fit for me and I'd made the right choice."

Sacha quickly made a name for herself as a dedicated, hard-working person. After three months in reception, she moved into The Hub and became a Client Communication Officer. Then she was selected to join the Succession Team - a team comprised of people who demonstrate leadership qualities, and are looking to advance their careers within The Hub.

"Being in the Succession Team means that you learn the ropes across a broad range of areas, so you know the business inside-out. You're also involved in coaching and supporting new team members. All of these activities help develop your leadership skills, so that when opportunities arise, you have the skills ready."

Lifting others up

Having experienced first-hand her colleagues' support over six years with us, Sacha loves helping others reach their potential.

"When I first started at Frizelle Sunshine, everything was brand new - I was in a completely different industry and had to learn everything from scratch. I really enjoy the coaching component of my role - helping people build their confidence and grow stronger."

She says she's learned the power of kindness in leadership from two key leaders at work - Natasha Booth and Erica Day.

"They're so supportive - no matter what's going on, they always take the time to have a chat and see how you're doing. They lift you up if you're having a tough day. They always listen to my opinions too, which means a lot to me."

Seeing women in leadership positions excelling around her makes Sacha believe that similar opportunities can be in her future too.

"I really appreciate that Frizelle Sunshine has a big focus on supporting women in leadership. It sends a strong message that women can achieve highly within this organisation."

Juggling life

Sacha returned to work four months after each of her children were born. She says her managers helped her navigate the transition back to work, and made everything as smooth as it could be.

"It was actually quite easy to come back, as everyone was so supportive. I came back full-time after Tyler was born. With Lacey, I came back part-time then switched to full-time. Going back to work was good for me, as I was going a little crazy sitting at home!"

In the midst of her busy life, Sacha is grateful to have found a balance that allows her to maintain the best of worlds.

"The fact that I have such a great support system, both at home and at work, allows me to continue doing what I love - working and being a mum. I feel very lucky."

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