Our People

Have you ever wondered about the steps your car goes through when you drop it in for a service? We spoke to our people involved at all stages of the journey about what they do and why they love it.

Step 1: Welcoming and connecting

Paul Bougaardt, Service Advisor

Paul's the person who greets you when you drop your car off in the morning. He chats to you about why you're bringing it in, any specific issues with the car and other concerns you may have. He stays in touch with the workshop, parts and detailing teams to ensure everything is progressing smoothly, and calls you when your car is ready! As your go-to person, Paul takes his responsibility seriously - but doesn't mind having a laugh and a chat to break the ice!

"It's my job to keep the customer happy, even if they're having a rough day. I do this by establishing common ground; through creating a connection. The other day, my customer was wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, so we got chatting about our shared love of music... Next minute, he's telling me all about how he worked with Elton John, The Beatles and The Who back in the UK in the 60s and 70s! I love interacting with customers and improving their day."

Step 2: Getting the gear

Tim Corrigan, Parts Interpreter

Tim's job is all about figuring out which parts the customer or workshop team need to repair a vehicle. Tim's got his hands full - he manages back counter workshop sales, front counter retail sales, internal enquiries, new and used car sales enquiries, accessories, merchandise, warehouse maintenance, stock orders, stock maintenance, email enquiries and retail phone enquiries.

"I love exceeding customers' expectations. I strive to always give them accurate information in any efficient manner, ensuring they leave feeling happy and confident in their interaction with me. There are challenging aspects of my role - including difficult quotes for major workshop repairs - but I work through those by asking questions and drawing upon product knowledge I have gained over years of experience. The information is always there - you just need to know where to find it!"

Step 3: Fixing the problem

Brad Irish, Master Technician

A usual day for Brad involves diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in your vehicle - from mechanical problems to electrical issues and repairs. He also supports apprentices on-the-job and trains them to better understand systems and features. While Brad's building leadership skills, he's helping our apprentices further their knowledge and careers.

"Every day is different - you never know which system and type of vehicle you will be working on, and which repairs or concerns will need to be worked through. That means it's never mundane or repetitive! Keeping up with the ever-changing technology keeps us on our toes, but constant training - both external and in-house - means we can ensure the highest quality of work is completed on these intricate, prestigious vehicles."

Step 4: Making it look shiny and new

Maggie Kenny, Head Detailer

Maggie leads the team responsible for making your car sparkle - inside and out! Her days are spent ensuring the vehicles look their best, have high quality paintwork and paint protection, and are with you on time and in the best condition. She's a straight shooter with integrity, a strong work ethic, and (as you would imagine!) impeccable attention to detail!

"A car will come to me really, really dirty and I know that the customer is waiting to see their car look like a million dollars. I love being able to turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Knowing how impressed the customers are with my work is something I'm really proud of. I complete every job to the very best of my ability."

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