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So much more than driving a bus: Gayle's passion for people

If you drop your car in for a service at Robina Hyundai, there's a good chance it'll be Gayle Lucas who's shuttling you to your next destination in the morning, and picking you up in the afternoon. Gayle's our Courtesy Bus driver, and it's a role that allows her to foster her love of people.

"I love my job, as I get to meet people from all walks of life; very interesting people. Everyone has a story, and people feel quite comfortable opening up to me. People have always said I have good shoulders to lean on!"

As a former nurse, Gayle has always been drawn to supporting people through their troubles. She said it's amazing the connections that can happen between her and her customers over the course of a single day.

"Often people are a little apprehensive in the morning when you drop them off, because they don't know you, but by the time you go and get them in the afternoon, they have opened up and become quite comfortable."

"A couple of customers have become close friends of mine. One has been very important in helping me live a healthier life - that's made a big difference to me. There are also the customers you only see once a year when they come in for their annual service, but you do remember them."

Gayle relays one such story of a customer that she saw only this morning.

"I hadn't seen her for a year, but I remembered exactly how to get to her house. She said, 'How do you remember that?!' I said, 'I just do!' She couldn't believe it. People think this job is just driving a bus, but it's so much more than that - it's about paying attention to people."

When asked if she could ever have pictured herself in this role, Gayle laughs.

"Not in a million years! But I'm so grateful that I am. I still have a passion for nursing, and this job allows me to help people in a different way."

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