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Sometimes we hear about the major major milestones in an organisation - an employee celebrating 20 years, 30 years, or maybe even retiring after 50 years in the industry. But what about the smaller, day-to-day achievements that are no less significant? We spoke to Madeleine Treloar, our Marketing Account Coordinator, who's just marked one year with us! Here, Maddie tells us all about the rollercoaster ride of her first year, and adjusting to life after uni.

This is Maddie's first full-time job after graduating with a Bachelor Business, Marketing and Event Management in 2018. After years of student life, Maddie reflects on her first year of work as being 'quite a ride!' She says getting into a rhythm with full-time work was a shock to the system, but with the support of her friends, family and colleagues, she found her bearings and balance.

Maddie says it's difficult to choose just one highlight, but she counts working alongside incredible people as a daily highlight.

"I've had the pleasure of meeting some very strong, inspiring and influential people both inside and outside the Frizelle Sunshine group. Within my own team, there are kind, supportive and clever women who have created a warm, welcoming and supportive environment during my first 12 months."

As for the changes within herself, Maddie says they've been immense. Learning the ropes of a new role and brand new industry have pushed Maddie in ways she'd never considered - and taught her what she's capable of.

"Anything slightly out of my comfort zone or out of my general routine would once have made me run for the hills, but now I tackle everything and anything! I feel I've become a lot more resilient, and confident in my ability to get stuff done."

Maddie says the automotive industry has been an ideal environment to kick-start her career, allowing her the freedom to stretch herself creatively and be involved in some large-scale events and campaigns.

"It's pretty incredible that a thought in my head or a scribble in my notebook can become a radio ad, or a billboard ad that I drive past everyday! Working with Frizelle Sunshine in my first year out of study has been surreal - it's taken me to places I never thought possible."

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