McLaren Gold Coast x Claudio Kirac – 22-31 July 2022

McLaren Gold Coast x Claudio Kirac – 22-31 July 2022 banner

We are thrilled to revisit our McLaren GT Masterpiece as we officially wrap up the celebration of our McLaren Gold Coast x Claudio Kirac collaboration.

This highly anticipated collab between local talent and the ever-evolving McLaren brand was always going to surpass our expectations. The combination of Kirac’s creative genius, often being described as a modern-day renaissance man, alongside the McLaren Grand Tourer’s adventure, power and performance – what a wonderful partnership.

Robert Bradbury, Dealer Principal of McLaren Gold Coast, remarked, “The introduction of a superlight Grand Tourer into McLaren's model family re-imagines the breed. The GT is all about delving into adventure, without compromising power and performance. In finding a way to bring this to life, we felt that a collaboration with a local artist would be a wonderful recognition of the talent we have in this City and well Claudio… he bought the adventure, the power and the performance.”

To Claudio Kirac, life is “one big art show” and we were happy to support this narrative – so, one big art show it was. The collaboration was first brought to life in the Southport showroom of McLaren Gold Coast. The McLaren GT had been pre-wrapped, in anticipation of Kirac’s first strokes set to take place on Friday 22nd July. Kirac described where he drew his creative vision from, “The inspiration for the art piece came from studying wildflowers that appear in the natural landscapes of Australia, New Zealand, and England, paying homage to the history of McLaren. The art piece is made up of botanical imagery, flora, and fauna, and then interpreted through my trademark brush strokes to form a landscape of vibrant colours and shapes.”

The next day, the live art installation took to the road, first stop: the Resort at Pacific Fair. Here, Kirac begun work on the super luxe super car in the main luxury shopping precinct, working in front of a live crowd for a day. The GT was then transported to Kirac’s Mermaid Beach creative studio, known as Art-Work Studios. Founded in 2011, the studio is renowned for being the location where creativity comes to work. The multidisciplinary agency has been Kirac’s creative pad since it’s humble beginnings in 2011 – check it out here:

Kirac continued to bring the piece to life over the following days, before returning the GT to its home in Southport. On the evening of Thursday 28th July, our McLaren Gold Coast dealership proudly held a cocktail event to showcase the finished masterpiece.

To the great delight of McLaren and Claudio, the GT was displayed at HOTA, Home of the Arts, proudly positioned at the gallery entrance for the final weekend of July.

Tracy Cooper Lavery, Director of Gallery and Visual Arts HOTA, explained, “HOTA Gallery is the new home of art and design on the Gold Coast and we are proud to be a back drop for the Claudio Kirac x McLaren GT collab! Gold Coaster’s love local artists and luxury car design, and the exhibition of “Art Cars” has some incredible predecessors – this is a great opportunity to stretch the boundaries of art and design outside the gallery walls and onto the streets.”

Our collaboration with Claudio Kirac successfully represented the McLaren Grand Tourer’s adventure, power, and performance, whilst delivering a wonderful celebration of local artistic talent. We are thrilled with the outcome of this collaboration, not only for McLaren Gold Coast and Claudio Kirac, but for the City of Gold Coast as a whole.

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