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​Please enjoy the below interview with our Gold Coast Hyundai Sales Team Leader & EV Specialist, Caleb Artz, originally posted in the Hyundai HQ Magazine.

Caleb Artz is the Sales Team Leader and Electric Vehicle Sales Specialist at Gold Coast Hyundai; a Blue Drive Dealer.

So we’re heading to the sun, sand and surf for 5 in 5 with Caleb.

HQ: Welcome to this edition of HQ Caleb. Firstly, how long have you been with team Hyundai?

CA: I’ve been with Hyundai for 5 years now.

HQ: So can you start off by telling us about your role? What exactly does your Sales Consultant role entail?

CA: I think we all know the role of a sales consultant has changed considerably over the years. Gone are the days of ‘dodgy’ new car sales people, and in, are the days of customer satisfaction and customer experience. Most people have already done all their research online before they come into the dealership and are just looking for those last few steps of encouragement to get them over the line and confirm they are doing the right thing. This ultimately comes down to trust. People tend to have more trust in people they like and have the most rapport with. This has been proven even more in recent times with dealers no longer competing on price as such, but more so overall customer experience at their dealership.

HQ: Caleb you have nailed it; that’s exactly what we’ve been focusing on in this edition; the changing expectations of the customer. It’s clear to see why you are a successful Sales Professional. How do you keep on top of knowing all the different requirements to train and develop the standards of excellence in your Dealership?

CA: There are endless amounts of online platforms, groups, websites, forums, Facebook etc, that are exploding with new information every single day. As mentioned earlier, most customers know 90% of the car before they even come into the dealership (especially EV buyers). Joining in these online groups, researching online and staying up to date with anything Hyundai release, is the best and easiest way to stay up to date with everything. This also includes enrolling in the classes Hyundai Training offer like the most recent ‘Jetcharge’ course. Facebook groups put you into the lives of customer beyond the sale and handover of their new cars’ it’s a continual learning experience seeing all the different feedbacks, questions, answers and experiences of customers in their new Hyundai EV’s.

HQ: You have obviously adapted your engagement tools across a very broad variety of mediums to keep connected with your customers. As it is your area of expertise, tell us how do you see the new technology of electric vehicles making an impact in your Dealership sales?

CA: Hyundai are one of the most exciting manufacturers with new technology and enhancements coming out all the time. Hyundai confidently lead the way globally in the technology department across the entire board, but even more so in EV’s; continually evolving and developing manufacturer. To see what Hyundai have already bought out in the Ioniq 5 and what is still to come with the Ioniq 6 etc, is something we should all be super excited about. People see this and recognise this, and why I strongly believe Hyundai will become the biggest and best manufacturer in the not-too-distant future. Our future with EV cars will be an entire class above anything else available. Knowledge is power and being able to interact with customers on a super informative basis is one easy way to build trust and a relationship.

HQ: Caleb, your passion and professionalism is infectious. I’m ready to buy from you myself! So what is it that you enjoy most about your role as Sales Consultant?

CA: I love everything about being a sales consultant. We get to meet new people every day, have a laugh, build lifelong friendships with people you meet, be driven around all day on test drives, but most of all - I love delivery day. The handover of the keys to a new or existing Hyundai owner is just the best. Seeing how happy they are with a big bow on their car, how excited they are to show all their family and friends and post on their social media; it’s a day that people never forget. It’s a huge achievement buying a new car and I think we can sometimes underestimate that. You don’t buy a new car every day. Delivery/Handover day is probably one of the most critical steps in the road to a sale. You could have a few thigs go wrong in the lead up, but when it comes to that handover, if you make it super special, you’ll find that all of a sudden people forget about those small things and are just stoked to be there picking up their car. Putting dreams in driveways we call it! Hyundai is a fantastic brand and the Frizelle Sunshine group is an incredible company to work for. I am incredibly excited for the future with Hyundai and starting my new role as Assistant Sales Manager with Coomera Hyundai in October!

HQ: Love it! Caleb it has sincerely been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for the time, and all the best for your future journey – you’ve got this!

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