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Kylie Cullen was seeking a career change when she happened upon a chance job opportunity in Automotive. After spending many formative years in retail, she wanted to test herself with something new. Kylie took the leap into the industry and hasn't looked back!

What Kylie didn't know then, was that she would spend the next twelve years with us at Frizelle Sunshine, working up the ranks, to now being General Sales Manager. With experience under her belt, Kylie takes us through 12 things she has learnt over her 12 years here and some advice she would give others.

1. Automotive isn't just about cars. In fact, my experience has mostly been about people and if you love people you are bound to succeed.

2. You'll never forget your first sale. The first car I sold was a silver Golf to a lovely man who was a devoted Volkswagen owner.

3. Lead by example. As a manager I make a conscious effort to perform tasks I expect my staff to do, so I'll go put plates on the car or do an evaluation among other things.

4. Be genuine and interested. When people are buying a car they want to like and trust you, so it's important to genuinely care about your customers and be a good listener.

5. Work hard and get rewarded. Through my work I've had amazing trips to Spain and Prague to go see the headquarters for SKODA and experience the culture there.

6. Every car sold is a win. I think if you're a true sales person that feeling doesn't go away. Not everyone is the same but I love that feeling. After all the hard work, it's very satisfying to know someone is walking away happy with their dream car.

7. Mentors are important. I've had so many people here teach me the valuable lessons of perseverance, how to negotiate and how to lead a team.

8. No two days are the same. You just have to wake up and have your game face on. Every customer that walks through the door is different with different wants and needs so it keeps it interesting!

9. Be adaptable. Everything in automotive is frequently changing with updated technologies, new models, new ways of doing things and different market trends.

10. You'll become family. When you spend majority of your time with the people you work with, they become more than colleagues.

11. Don't be afraid to feel uncomfortable. Get outside your comfort zone and push through the uneasy feeling, as I have found those are the times you grow the most.

12. Volkswagen owners are loyal to their brand. And I may be biased, but I can see why!

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